I'm a Cheater!

January 28, 2016 was Datz's 7th birthday. What better way to celebrate than starting a national foodie holiday-- National Cheat Day! We learned that Datz was commonly known as a place that locals come to "cheat" on their diets or health plans. Turning the idea of being into a cheat destination into something playful was so much fun. When National Doughnut Day, National Bacon Day, or National Pumpkin Pie Day comes around, foodies take part by enjoying those foods and talking about them on social media. We sought the create the same type of social media-based event. 

I'm so proud to have been able to create and produce this this event. We trended locally in Tampa on Twitter with over 1,500 tweets, had 125 Instagram photos tagged to National Cheat Day, the FB event page received 19K impressions, and we received a proclamation from the City of Tampa's foodie mayor, Bob Buckhorn. We built a solid foundation for National Cheat Day with the support of 30 local media outlets and bloggers. I am very much looking forward to seeing what we can do with National Cheat Day's second year in 2017.