48 Hours in Gainesville


For those of you creatives who haven’t been to Florida, it’s known for 2 things— its hot, hot heat and it’s size. You could drive for hours in any direction and STILL be in the same state. But it does have a lot of rustic charm and quirky cities to explore— like Gainesville. 

I’ve been to Gainesville a handful of times because my boyfriend James went to college there and he likes to revisit every once in a while. I like this city because the drive out there is very green with plenty of cows and little farm-like houses to peek at and the city’s downtown is super cute. There are always people out walking, eating, and enjoying their city. 

Here’s what I did with my 48 hours in G-ville when we visited in mid-August!



I love exploring cities that aren’t my own, and I thought taking a drop-in Yoga class would feel really good AND help me to feel like a part of the city while I’m here since I’d be headed to a local studio filled with people who have made Gainesville their home. Visit Searchlight Yoga if you get a chance. Definitely try and take a class with Karen! She’s great.

Coffee Fix

With an iced vanilla coffee in tow, I caught up with an old friend via email, played around on Zillow for a while and drafted a few blogs on the patio at Maude’s Side Car Cafe. Maude’s is not only a fantastic place to have coffee and a slice of cake, but it’s also a small business champion, if you will. Years ago, a Starbucks opened its doors right next to Maude’s, a small locally-owned coffee shop. For the average shop, this would’ve killed their business, but Maude’s has prevailed. I stop in for a cuppa whenever I can. Also, their playlist is great (“Friday I’m in Love”, anyone?) and they’re wifi passwords will make you smile. This time the password was davidbowie. Yeah, I told ya. I see you smiling!


Grabbed a Slice (or Two!)

Satchel’s is a Gainesville institution and a Florida foodie icon. Not only is the pizza completely awesome, but Satchel’s is also (maybe even more so) known for its Americana art-filled walls and room full of vintage toys and gadgets for you to take home if you please. You’ll leave Satchel’s full of handcrafted pizza and inspiration. 

Hit the Bricks

It’s no secret I have a thing for coffee, balloons, and street art. I snapped a few fun photos in front of some gorgeous spots off Main Street. It’s was pretty toasty outside (my iced coffee wasn’t iced for long!) but it was worth it.